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A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog !



Dog Walking


Dog walks are catered to suit your dogs individual needs

Group/individual Walks


As experienced dog owners with three dogs ourselves at present, we believe that regular exercise is extremely important both to their physical and mental well being, with this in mind and the wide variety of dog friendly locations available to us in this area we are fortunate to be able to offer walks tailored to suit your dogs needs whether they be large, small, young or old.

This service can be provided for either group walks or individual walks if your dog is not of a sociable temperament. (individual walks subject to availability)

We are fully insured to walk a maximum of 6 dogs per handler at any one time.



Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a great time.




This service is available for when your dog requires more than just a walk either because he is unhappy or stressed spending long periods alone and therefore requires more company or interaction either with other dogs or people, this would be for a minimum of four hours for a half day care either in the morning or afternoon with a minimum two hours of walks, or three hours of walks if care were required for a full day. 


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